Good People Recruitment now help run the job clinic at Breightmet UCAN Centre
6th May 2014
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Michael Sweeney of Good People Recruitment Services is heavily involved in working with the Breightmet UCAN Centre.

The UCAN centre (which stands for Urban Care and Neighbourhood Centre) supports people in the area by offering IT training, credit union, money skills training, literacy workshops and other community activities and courses.

And now you can read about the centre’s staff and service user’s fantastic services for yourself, on their blog site here. It is called As Rare As Rubies and tells the stories of UCAN, its staff and service users.

Michael’s runs the job clinic every Tuesday morning at the centre. He helps the long-term unemployed get back into work by helping them write CV’s, rearming their life stories and just generally helping them boost their self-esteem so they can hopefully get a job in the future. Michael works on both long term and short term projects and has been called “the fairy jobfather” for his invaluable work and assistance to anyone who passes through Breightmet UCAN’S doors.

Michael is still available for his day job though, offering interview advice, advice with your CV and cover letter, conducting mock interviews and much more, to help you get your perfect job. 

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