Get Fit In 2015 Through Roller Skating With Nevada Bolton
17th December 2014
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Roller Skating is so much fun but did you know it has fantastic health benefits too. Nevada Roller Rink in Bolton explain how you can build in this fun activity into your 2015 exercise plan. 

So you want to get fit in 2015 but are tired of all the usual routes of gym, running etc etc. Well have you thought about Roller Skating. Its an activity that the whole family can do, its fun and it is amazing for your health.

Roller Skating is an excellent cardiovascular workout of endurance, strength, training and more, all which contribute to building strong muscles, improving balance and coordination.

Roller Skating, even if you are going at relatively moderate speeds is an excellent aerobic workout and provides much less stress on your joints than running.

Roller Skating is low impact so is great for all ages or anyone who has joint injuries or joint problems, meaning they can enjoy a work out too.

Roller Skating is great for weight loss as it helps burn calories and tone muscles. Roller skating for around 25 minutes 3 times per week can burn up to 750 additional calories for the week.

So if you have had a period in inactivity and want to get back moving and motivated, why not give Roller Skating a try. You can take things at your own pace and build up your activity over a period of time and if you are busy parents who struggle to find the time or someone to leave the children with, they can come too.

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