Get ahead of the dreaded 'Operation: Christmas Dinners gone to pot!"
12th December 2017
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Here are some simple steps to get ahead of the dreaded Christmas Day cooking stress! 

1) Gravy - Make It, Freeze it & you've bossed it

Make the gravy before the big day and freeze in a sealable container. Add the turkey juices before service for extra taste!

2) Stuffing - Why complicate it?

Stuffing freezes well in oven dishes - pop into the oven from defrosted and you've got the job done! - not my favourite idea, but cooking it before has been known before freezing so it only needs warming. A big help if your oven space is limited.

3) Brussel Sprouts - not on my plate!

I'm not a fan, they're like marmite... however a good time saver is a chefs trade of blanching vegetables. Simply boil the sprouts and place in cold water to stop them cooking. On the day just pop them back in the pan and service. Or microwave if the hob is full

4) Roast Potatoes - They make or break Christmas Dinner at my house

I would 100% always have mine fresh otherwise you could be eating door stops! But help yourself by peeling and chopping the night before. Always store in a water filled container to stop any browning

5) Turkey - Faffing on the day de-boning? No thank you!

Do this on Christmas Eve - it shouldn't take long to get the turkey de-boned and ready to go. I would recommend rinsing it afterwards and gently patting dry. If you're going to be putting any fillings inside the turkey, prep them as well, they will all store fresh in sealable containers for the day after.

6) Yorkshire Puddings - Always cook more, for you to eat in the kitchen!! (I hope my family don't read this blog)

If you're going for fresh homemade Yorkshire puds, then make the batter a day in advance. Again, if time and space is an issue, cook and freeze them the day before. Defrost in the morning and give them a quick 5-10 mins on about 180 degrees to warm

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