Garage door safety tips from Chamberlain Doors, Blackrod, Bolton
9th August 2013
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Chamberlain Doors garage doors are a brilliant addition to any garage, but to make sure they’re safe and secure for every member of the family, here are some tips you can follow.

Store the remote control for the garage out of the way of younger members of the family, and definitely don’t allow young children to use remote controls as a toy. Explain to kids the dangers of putting their fingers between the different sections of the garage door and think about buying a door with non-pinching panels.

Adults using the remote should study the instruction booklet carefully before using it, so you know exactly how to use it.

If you’re going on holiday and leaving the house empty, unplug the garage door or use a holiday lock switch, which means the remote can’t be used whilst that is in place. Check and double check the garage door is completely shut because when you use it again, it might move downwards, hit an object and cause your house security to be compromised.

Look over the garage door every month for signs of damage. Check springs, cables, and any other parts of the door but don’t try and rectify anything yourself. Ask Chamberlain Doors to come and fix them for you.

Keep the remote control with you or in a safe place to stop criminals getting hold of it and entering your home. Locking interior doors in the garage will cut this risk too. Some people prefer to have a key chain remote so the remote is with them at all times.  

Chamberlain Doors are the UK’s largest independent garage doors specialists. They sell all types of garage doors and can create bespoke products on request.

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