Frequently asked questions when choosing a private dentist
23rd April 2013
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There are several reasons why you might be thinking of visiting a private dentist like the amazing True Dentistry and the Dental Design Studio. You might be looking for some procedures that aren’t available on the NHS like cosmetic dentistry. Or possibly you haven’t seen a NHS dentist for 15 months or your NHS dentist has de registered you to become a private practice.

If you are still registered with a NHS practice though, you must make sure to sign a form with them to show you have agreed to a course of private treatment.

Before choosing a private dentist it’s important to do a little bit of research. Talk to your friends to see who they recommend and look up reviews (like those on the bestof Bolton) to see what others are saying about a practice.

Questions you should ask yourself before committing to a private dentist include

  • Will you need to use the dentist outside normal hours or for emergencies? Hopefully not but you never know what’s around the corner
  • Are you scared of dentists? If so will the private dentist need to make you relaxed before your treatment?
  • Will you be needing treatment for under 18’s now or in the future?
  • How new are the treatments the practice is offering?
  • Does the practice have any other services?
  • What does the price of your treatment cover? Look up price lists wherever possible and see if you can afford the treatment. Also remember that a registration fee is not the same as an initial examination fee.
  • Is the practice part of a quality insurance cover and if so does this help patients?

There are 3 ways you can pay for private dental treatment usually. These are

  • Direct payment. Your dentist will expect you to pay for treatment immediately after your session with them.
  • Fixed monthly payments. These are based on the amount of expected treatment.
  • Dental insurance policies. These can cover NHS treatments too and will cover treatments up to a pre specified limit.


After every treatment with a private dentist, you should get a bill which lists everything you had done as part of your appointment.

Remember you can switch practices at any time. If you are unhappy with the treatment you’ve had for any reason contact them and get it rectified straight away. They should have a formal complaints procedure. If you want to take your issue even further, contact the Dental Complaints Service.

We can guarantee that our bestof Bolton dentists, True Dentistry and the Dental Design Studios, are exceptional. They are always getting awesome reviews for their service, and offer cosmetic dentistry and general dental treatments at very affordable prices. Contact True Dentistry on 01204 684019 and the Dental Design Studio on 01204 876646. 

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