Fred Dibnah's Legacy Lives On 6 Years After His Death
8th November 2010
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It is 6 years since the Bolton Legend, steeplejack Freed Dibnah died. Out of sight though is most definately not out of mind and his legacy continues to inspire.

Fred Dibnah, born in Bolton and became a steeplejack, felling chimneys and repairing tall buildings. His became more famous in his profession through a BBC documentary which filmed Fred carrying out the felling of chimneys after the demise of the cotton industry when the chimneys became too expensive to maintain therefore the only option was to bring them down.

There is now a heritage centre and worksite as a tribute to Fred and his life. The Fred Dibnah Heritage Centre can be visited and is very much open to the public.

Fred is certainly a legend in the town of Bolton and his northern infectiousness spread throughout the country and beyond. 

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