Food you shouldn’t feed your cat or dog this festive period
18th December 2013
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We all know that some foods can be really dangerous for your pets, but here is a whole list of foods you should never feed your pet over the festive period, or in fact any time of the year

Here at thebestof Bolton we have two members, The Way of the Dog and Regan's Vets who are both animal experts interested in the health and wellbeing of your pet.

Let's start with the most obvious but still very harmful. Chocolate. It contains caffeine and theobromine. Both of these are methylxanthines, which are poisonous to your dogs and cats. So, don't let your guests or the children be handing chocolate under the table. The darker the chocolate the more harmful.

Almonds, Walnuts and Macadamia Nuts
All these nuts can be very dangerous for your pet but definitely make sure no macadamia nuts are fed to them, they can cause neurological problems such as weak muscles, vomiting and tremors.

Raisins, Grapes and Currants
While being very healthy to humans, these can be very dangerous for animals. Some can experience no effect while others can experience kidney problems or sometimes die. Not everyone experiences it, all pets are different but to make sure they don't, don't feed them to your pets.

Now onto the more savoury...

Turkey skin and fatty meat trimmings
A lot of us feed our pets meat, but it's important not to give them turkey skin or fatty meat as they can cause digestive problems. Plus, if you've marinated your turkey in oils or spices it can be toxic to your pet.

Onions, garlics and chives
Although they're always around your house, they definitely have to be a no-no to give to your pet. Anything in the onion family including powders contain thiosulphate and they damage animal blood cells. Onions are the biggest threat, especially to small dogs.

Keep your pets away from mushrooms, these can be fatal to dogs as some contain deadly toxins and others may cause stomach upset.

Raw Fish
Some raw fish contain a parasite which can infect and kill a dog so if you're having sushi this Christmas, keep it out of reach from dogs, even cats!

Other things to keep your pets away from...

Bread dough
Yeast will rise in your pet's stomachs and can cause alcohol disorientation.

Often found in sugar free products, they cause insulin levels to rise rapidly and blood sugar levels to decrease!

Avocado isn't deadly to cats and dogs, it'll only cause an upset stomach but you don't want that do you. It can be more dangerous to other pets such as rabbits, birds and horses.

This is an obvious one, but definitely do NOT give your pets alcohol. Some alcohol can contain dairy, your pet could go into a coma, and they can kill your animals, even only 3 teaspoons! It can cause organ system failure.

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