Fluoride in toothpaste-is it really necessary?
10th September 2014
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Lots of toothpastes that are advertised on television, on billboards and on magazines all state that their toothpaste is the best. Some say they are produced specifically for people with sensitive teeth whilst others claim they are whitening toothpastes which make your teeth look whiter.

The one feature that is true for all of them is they contain fluoride. Fluoride can be found in varying amounts across the country because it is a naturally occurring mineral in water. It’s also found in foods like fish and tea.

The main advantage of fluoride is it decreases the risk of tooth decay, hence why it’s added to toothpaste and some water supplies through fluoridation. On a toothpaste packet, fluoride will be probably be listed as sodium monofluorophosphate which is measured in parts per million and the recommended amount of this is 1450 parts per million.

If your toothpaste contains 1450 parts per million of fluoride then it is competent enough to stop and reduce the amount of tooth decay , which of course is one of the most important features of any toothpaste.

Kids should start using adult toothpaste as soon as they get their first tooth since then they can get used to how an adult toothpaste tastes and feels from a young age and get the right amount of protection.

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