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26th June 2014
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If you’ve ever had to choose flowers for an event then you’ll know how difficult it can be to find a colour of bouquet that matches with the rest of your design. That’s why Occasion Flowers have put together this handy guide on what flowers are which colour so you can pick accordingly.

There aren’t as many blue flowers as you might think. Only Irises, delphiniums, hydrangeas and cornflowers have the very best blue colours.

Red is always a popular colour and you can get brilliant red colours with roses orchids, carnations, snapdragons, tulips and less well known flowers like dahlias, gladiolus, ranunculus, gerberas and zinnias.

Green bouquets may be good if you have an environmental theme, so use hydrangeas, berzillas, orchids, lady’s mantles, mums and anthuriums.

For something a little more romantic try a pink collection of flowers, like gerberas, magnolias, peonies, hydrangeas, lisianthus, stocks, ranunculus, cockscombs, carnations, mums, orchids and of course roses.

Yellow flowers will brighten up any event. So for that choose daffodils, lilies, calla lilies, tulips, sunflowers, gerberas, roses, mums, orchids and ranunculus.

If you’ve chosen a neutral theme, pick white flowers like lilies, stocks, carnations, daisies, roses, tulips, peonies, calla lilies and stars of Bethlehem.

Finally for a purple theme you could choose orchids, irises, stocks, scabiosas, mums, dahlias, hydrangeas, lisianthus or ranunculus.

Occasion Flowers can advise you on the best flowers for your ideas

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