Five top tips to plan your perfect Honeymoon
26th January 2015
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The honeymoon should be the icing on the cake of a lovely occasion, it is vitally important to get it right. Here are a few tips to help you with that process.

Budgeting. Planning how much you want to spend is key. Once your wedding plans are confirmed check how much money you are prepared to spend. Then plan to have a wonderful and memorable holiday experience to start off your married life.

Where to go? Do you have a burning wish to go somewhere exotic? Or, do you want to relax and chill after what may have been a fraught few months? Your wedding and the subsequent honeymoon will form the memories that you will cherish over the coming years.

Take professional advice. Speak to Jane Simm - Travel Counsellors  will help you with getting it right. She has direct experience of the locations, hotels and supporting deals that you may wish to book. You can guarantee with Jane that your booking will be underwritten and safe. Having had a wonderful special day why ‘spoil the ship for a ha’pe’th of tar.’ There may be cheaper alternatives but there is a lot to be said for supporting local businesses who will take good care of you.

Plan your time. Are you sporty, are you a ‘tourist’ looking for exploration, or are you looking for an exotic location? First, make certain that both of you want the same kind of holiday – let’s not start off married life with a row! Discuss what you want to do on holiday, if you want to sun bathe fine but make sure both of you like sun bathing. Again, your local friendly Travel Agency will help you with planning your carefree holiday.

Check your documents. In plenty of time, check your passports, are they valid, do you need a new one, get it ordered early. Plan your currency needs, do you need special money – have you got enough to enjoy your selves – don’t over stretch your selves. Buy your money through your Local Travel agency, they will look after insurances etc. for you. If you are using your credit cards as back up, make plans about where you will store your money and cards (and passport) for safekeeping, DO NOT keep them all in the same place. Check whether the Hotel has a safe, if so put what you do not need in the safe, and only carry what you need to spend for that day or evening.

Finally, enjoy.

If you'd like to speak to Jane Simm give her a call on 01204 897420

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