Five top tips to make sure you're still going to the gym in February
19th January 2015
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Whilst your New Year might have started with an intention to keep going to the gym, many people struggle to keep that momentum going longer than the first month. When the quieter times of January pass and you are back to reality, it can become harder to find the time and motivation to even get to the gym! If you want to make sure that you are hitting the gym on a regular basis come February, these simple tips might help make sure that remains the case;

Create Reminding Décor

When you are slaving away in work, the last thing you want to be thinking about is “more” work afterwards in the form of the gym. However, if you start to decorate your office and your workplace with some positive affirmations that relate to the gym – little uplifting canvases, small motivational quotes, gym-related fitness goals – you can start to keep it in your mind and make it seem like more than just additional work.

Fuel Your Body

To make sure that you are still hitting the gym, your body needs the stamina to actually get forward throughout the day. Workout success starts within the first hour of waking up, as if you want to have the energy to actually get to the gym and carry out your workout you need to have the right fuel. Start every day with a quality breakfast that’s full of protein and fruit and you’ll find the gym is no longer a threatening concept in February.

Bring A Snack

Following on from the point above, if you are going to make the gym a regular exercise after work you should have a little top-up meal to give you that extra boost of energy. About 45 minutes before you hit the gym, try and have a small snack that can give your body extra power to get through the workout. Try and go for something that is mostly carbs with a little bit of protein.

Use Tech Reminders

Make sure that you use your smartphone and your tablet – if you are someone who uses them regularly – to set little reminders. This means that you won’t be halfway home before you remember you were going to the gym after work, missing out on crucial gym time that will keep your habit getting stronger as time goes on.

Bring Your Equipment To Work

If you typically head to the gym from your work, then leaving your exercise bag in the workplace can be a great way to keep yourself in check. This means that you won’t need to go home first to get your stuff, limiting the chances of missing out on the gym and convincing yourself to have a night off.

New habits are kept in place just by simplistic little changes like this to your lifestyle, and can be absolutely vital for making a long-term commitment to adapting your lifestyle. If you want to make sure that you are still making gym appearances in February and beyond, try and bring these simple little tips and tricks into your life – you’ll benefit from them massively. 

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