Five reasons to hire an apprentice
26th January 2015
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Apprenticeship schemes are gaining popularity in recent years. If you are struggling with the decision whether or not to hire an apprentice (or two) for your business, take a look at these five benefits and see for yourself why hiring an apprentice might be the best thing to happen to your business:

Skilled and affordable

Apprentices are the key to the success of any business venture – they are affordable to hire, yet skilled and competent, and most importantly, excited about your business plans. Their motivation will allow you to minimize your expenses, while still working with a determined, talented and hardworking personnel.


Statistics shows that employees who join a company after years of experience, tend to spend an average of three years within it. Apprentices, on the other hand, are far more likely to stick for around eight years.

Just the right people for you

You can also train them to produce employees with special skill sets that are otherwise not available on the jobs market. Hiring apprentices is the perfect way to shape your workers into just the right people for your business.

Fresh and innovative

Young people tend to be more creative and offer innovative solutions to the business challenges your company fill face. Apprentices are also eager to learn and will bring their new ideas right into your business. This means that your company will remain competitive and will likely prosper.

Improve your staff’s productivity

The best way to efficiently manage your apprentices is assigning them to a mentor. Some of your employees will be better at this job than other. For instance, workers in the last 10 years of their career will be more willing to share their knowledge and transfer their skills, and mentoring others would make them more productive and motivated.

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