Five Questions to ask when Choosing Business Insurance
20th April 2017
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There are compelling reasons, including legal compliance, for needing Business Insurance, sole traders and SME’s are no exception. The questions for many are which business insurance provider, what will they insure me for, and at what cost?

Here are five excellent questions to help business people to choose wisely,

Do the Business Insurers have the appropriate experience?

Avoid looking for business insurance cover through personal insurance advisors. It is likely that the cover acquired may not be fit for purpose. Insurance is based upon probability and risk, someone who insures home-owners is unlikely to have the level of specialist knowledge that is required to provide professional business protection. Business people should use Professional Business Insurance advisers, it is more cost effective.


Select a business Insurance Company that will provide adequate liability insurance.

The top priority for the business owner is to know that the Company provides adequate business liability insurance. Because, some general liability insurance companies may not have the level of experience in understanding the correct cover that is needed. You could be exposing your business to considerable risk.


Will they look after your assets correctly?

Business owners cannot forget the basics. Your business has assets that need protection from all kinds of risk, property damage, stolen goods, etc., and the things and knowledge that the business ‘owns’. A comprehensive package that protects all assets of the business is a good business proposition.


As your business grows will the Insurer keep pace?

This is important because as businesses grow so do their needs. Professional advice is essential, the company you choose now must be able to cope in the future. Choosing among business insurance companies and picking the right business liability insurance, getting beyond the ‘here and now’ is an important factor to consider.


How much can you trust your insurance provider?

There are many factors involved with trust. Those factors become even more complicated when your business is involved. While you may feel that you're getting the right business liability insurance that meets your needs, it's probably just as important that you believe the insurance company is in it for you as well as for them.


Bradshaw Bennett Lancashire tick all the correct boxes, they have vast experience of supplying Business Insurance throughout the area. They are properly resourced and able to cope with businesses of all shapes and sizes, giving thoroughly Professional Advice that can be relied upon, allowing business people to have absolute confidence to get on with running their business.

If you would like any more information on how Bradshaw Bennett can help you, give them a call on 01942 875145


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