Five Points To Consider When Getting A Tattoo In Bolton
19th December 2012
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So you've finally decided to get a tattoo. Well done. But that's not the end of things, it'd be very ill-advised for you to just head to the nearest studio and have one done. So many have to be removed because people are unhappy with their choices. Which is why Shattered Ink give you these five things to consider first.

Whilst tattoo removal is becoming increasingly effective and efficient, as evidenced by Shattered Ink, it is still better to get the tattoo just right to begin with, rather than having to go through the removal process. So, before you head on out to get inked up, consider the following . . .

(1) To Tattoo, Or Not To Tattoo

Do you really want one? Like, really really want one? For example, I want one, but I don't think I want one enough as I'm fairly indecisive and might immediately regret it. I'm not in 'that' place yet. Make sure you are, as a tattoo is still a considerable committment. You may think it is the greatest thing ever when it's finished, but will you still think so several years down the line?

(2) What Do You Want?

As mentioned, it's a big committment to make, so you've got to make sure it's right. Asking for the first one you see, just because you feel you've waited long enough to get one, is a big mistake. The trick is to take your time, do your research, and decide on a design you're really happy with. This will reduce the likelihood of wanting to have it removed.

Most tattoos are done from pre-exisiting designs and templates, some free with the better one's costing around £25. There are millions of designs out there, on the internet, in books, everywhere. And in lots of different categories too, from Polynesian, to Gothic, Maori and even charaters from your favourite television show. The choices are endless. So make sure you've considered everything.

Alternatively, you could have one designed. This option is considerably more expensive (often around £150 - £300 just to have the design done), but there are advantages to this method. It's unique, you'll be the only person in the world with that tattoo, which is great. And you'll also have complete control over what it looks like.

Whatever you do choose, make sure it'll be as relevant in the future as it is today, especially important when it comes to tattoos containing names. It is a fairly safe bet that your children's names will always remain the same. But will the name of your partner?

(3) It's A Colourful World

Idvancements in tattoo colouring are changing all the time. The number of vibrant tattoos full of colour is on the increase. But is colour for you, or would you prefer the more traditional black and white effect?

Black and white creates a greater contrast to your skin, and can be used to create a deeper definition. But colour will make it richer, adding another level of character to your design. It'll also cost a little more too.

(4) Head, Shoulders, Knees Or Toes?

When it comes to tattoo placement, there are three points that could affect your choice, and all three should be considered carefully before a final decision is made. Note, there are more options than the four mentioned above.

First, the size of the tattoo (of which more will be said below) will dictate where you can have it placed. A large design will obviously eliminate several areas from inclusion, such as the ankle or wrist. It stands to reason that a large tattoo will instead require a large area, such as the chest or the back.

Second concerns visibility. A tattoo on your face is going to be visible all of the time, whist one on your back is going to be visible a lot less. Your normal dress style will have an impact on how much it shows, so decide whether you want something obvious, or something more discreet. Also keep in mind work regulations, and their stance on tattoos.

Third is all about you, and how much pain you can take. As a general rule, the areas that are more bony with less flesh (such as the ankles, head, and lower back) are a lot more painful, as the needle is nearer the bone. Fleshy areas are therefore a lot less painful (such as the chest, upper arm and upper back).

(5) Would You Like A Body With That Tattoo?

Size, in the case of tattoos, really is important. It affects the design you can have and limits the number of possible locations on your body. It will also affect the cost, as a larger tattoo will, quite obviously, take longer to complete. But, that doesn't mean a small tattoo is any less of a committment.

Getting a tattoo is a big committment, which is why excellent tattoo removal clinics like Shattered Ink urge their clients to consider these points carefully. These aren't intended to discourage people, rather to make sure that getting one is really what you want.

However, if you have got a tattoo you aren't happy with, whether that's because it mentions an ex-partner's name, it's too big, or work circumstances have changed, Shattered Ink are one of Bolton's leading tattoo removal clinics. Check them out here, or give them a call to book a consultation, (01204) 684539.

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