Five Most Frequently Asked Questions To Beechwood Private Nursery School
10th December 2012
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It's one of the biggest decisions a parent can make for a child, but choosing a nursery is an essential step in your little-one's development. The tip is to ask questions. Here are the five Beechwood Private Nursery School are asked the most.

(1) "What are your opening hours?"

Beechwood did operate between 7.30am and 6.00pm. However, they have recently altered these hours to open at 6.00am, giving parents even more flexibility when it comes to their child care.

(2) "Are nappies provided?"

Getting your child ready for nursery is one thing, but then to have to pack a bag for the whole day is an ordeal that could be done without. Beechwood provide all nappies that your child may need, no matter what the size or the frequency.

(3) "What is your food like?"

All food cooked by the nursery is homecooked, with the freshest ingredients and with the best practice methods. Food is nutritious and healthy, and is provided no matter whether the child is there for a full day or just half a day. Beechwood never uses food taken from jars.

(4) "How flexible can you be?"

Nobody's life is completely set in stone, and therefore parents often want their childcare to be flexible. Beechwood understands this, and as such they can create a programme that will fit in with your schedule. As well as full day sessions, half day sessions either in the morning or afternoon can easily be accommodated too.

(5) "How long have your staff worked at the nursery?"

Beechwood is proud to say that all their staff have worked at the nursery for longer than 6 months. This gives the children some semblance of normality, and amiliar faces to make the transition easier.

Beechwood Private Nursery School has been providing outstanding day nursery childcare in Bolton for over 25 years, building an unrivalled reputation for excellence with experienced staff and an idyllic setting. If you'd like to find out more, give them a call on (01204) 684038.

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