Visit Cake Delight during National Cupcake Week 2013 in Bolton
19th August 2013
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Make sure you head down to Cake Delight to celebrate National Cupcake Week.

National Cupcake Week is between September 16th and September 22nd. It celebrates all the different kinds of cupcakes, regardless of their size, colour or decoration. There are hundreds of accessories that go with cupcakes too. There’s cupcake stands, wrappers, makers and many more. Then there is the decoration of flowers, icing, glitter, the list goes on!

If you’re not a baker yourself then Cake Delight bake tasty cupcakes fresh every day. You can almost smell the cakes from the outside their scent is so appealing. Of course the cupcakes look enchanting. The intricate designs Emma and Michelle produce are an amazing feat of craftsmanship. Of course, they are open the rest of the year too, and have a new party and function room you can hire out for birthdays and meetings. 

A cupcake is a mini cake baked in a tiny wrapper with ingredients like sugar, egg, flour and different flavours. The most popular flavours are vanilla, chocolate, banana and coconut. They are decorated in different toppings to mark birthdays, weddings, meetings and just to enjoy for an afternoon snack. No forks or spoons are needed to eat cupcakes, it’s all hands on cake. Cupcakes have made appearances in popular films like The Devil Wears Prada.

You might think that cupcakes are not the healthiest food. Whilst that is true, they can be made healthier by substituting buttermilk or fruit for vegetable oil, decreasing the amount of icing you use and using as little sugar as possible.

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