February Special Offers at Sykes Chemist
4th February 2014
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We all love to save a little money here and there and Sykes Chemist understand exactly that. They have some fantastic special offers for this month which will make your pennies stretch further.

Ladies, we all know the time of the month can be stressful but itâs important to keep stocked up on the necessities. With Sykes Chemist you can save 20% on selected Tampax products.

Aches and pains are very common but they can also be a right pain to deal with. Nurofen is a fast and effective pain relief and at Sykes Chemist you can save 15% on selected Nurofen products. Backache and Neck ache can be horrible, heat can help relax your muscles. Deep Heat is fantastic and you can save £1 on selected Deep Heat products at Sykes Chemist.

Headaches are a common occurrence and paracetamol can really help, that's why Sykes Chemist are offering 20% off on selected Panadol products.

It's the time of year where fevers and flu's occur the most, but it's extremely important to keep a check on yours and your children's temperature. For a reliable thermometer, try the Braun IRT 4520 Ear Thermometer, plus you can save 1/3 on this product at Sykes Chemist.

Vitamins, minerals, protein and fibre are important and Build Up is a way of getting all of those in one! They're great even if you would just like a light snack, they're very easy to prepare and at Sykes Chemist you can save 20% on selected build up products.

Birth control is essential, especially if you're not planning on pregnancy. Sykes Chemist understand that and are offering 20% off on selected Durex products.

Teething can be a horrible time for your child but Camilia Oral Solution can work wonders, it can also help painful and swollen gums, irritability, mild fever and digestive disorders. At Sykes Chemist you can get 20% off Camilia Oral Solution 10s which will help calm your baby in no time.

Men, we all know Gillette is the best you can get! Their products are fantastic and will always ensure you on a great shave. At Sykes Chemist, you can save 1/3 on selected Gillette products.

Spots and Acne aren't nice to deal with but Pro Activ Solution is a range of skincare that can help prevent future breakouts and clear blemishes. It will help your skin enormously, and you can save £6 on the Pro Activ Solution 3 step kit at Sykes Chemist.

We hope you found something that you like from these fantastic offers, they will definitely help you stretch your money further.

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