Fear the dentist drill? You might not need to be anymore!
19th June 2014
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Are you scared of the dentist drill? The sound of it? Well a new idea has been introduced which will encourage teeth to fix themselves, and may see a drill free future!

This new idea was found by researchers at King’s College in London, they believe that electricity will be the way forward with it being able to strengthen the tooth using minerals.

The researches at the College will be applying a mineral cocktail to the tooth, then will apply a tiny electric current which will put the minerals into the tooth. Doing this will help strengthen the tooth and will reduce tooth decay.

Did you see the programme the other night on ITV? The Dentists? It was fantastic, just showing how dentists just love changing people’s lives for the better, giving them the perfect smile. Synergy Dental are one of those dentists, they love giving their patients the confidence they’ve never had with their smile!

The idea of a drill free future is only at the beginning stage right now, but who knows Synergy Dental might make the change in years to come!

If you’d like to get in touch with Synergy Dental give them a call on 01204 684037 and please mention the best of Bolton when calling! 

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