Farnworth Market Set for Complete overhaul and Rebuild
31st August 2010
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Farnworth Market is et to have a complete overhaul after securing funding of £375,000 to rebuild the failing market.

Traders are celebrating and Bolton Council say that the plans which will see the stalls moved to a new venue next to the Asda store will boost trade and improve the look of the town.

Farnworth used to be a vibrant shopping centre where many would flock to the main street for its variety of low cost and high street stores but in recent years has seen a complete decline in trade with many fast food outlets opening up and the long standing traders disappearing. 

However the new market my be the start of the regeneration of Farnwroth and see it return to its once busy local hub of trade.

The new market will include 19 permanent shuttered units, 22  temporary stalls and another 12 stalls in Brackley Street. The existing market is set to be demolished and a 43 space car park built in its place.

The scheme still needs to jump the final hurdle of gaining approval from the councils planning department and the application is due to be submitted before the end of the year.

Interestingly the majority of the funding will come from Tesco with the proviso that they are allowed to build a new Tesco store on the site of the former Neighbourhood Shopping Centre on Longcauseway. The council will then have to provide the remaining £50,000.

Lets watch this space and keep our fingers crossed that this is the start of something special for Farnworth, improving the town and not just the Market.

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