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30th November 2017
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Meal preparation is a case of organising meals to suit the diners whether it is for a starving family, a lone diner, or a dinner party for friends. 

Jordan Sinar of Wobbly Cow in Westhoughton is an expert in Catering matters, he offers a few tips to help with this potentially vexing issue.

Meal Preparation puts ‘you’ in control of what you and those that you are feeding actually eat, this enables families to obtain a balance between indulging and eating well which is healthier and allows diversity of choice.

Dieting to lose weight is made easier because it is possible to pre-plan the menu/s enabling people to calorie control their input with some careful pre-planning. Even with a calorie controlled diet plan, it is possible to introduce plenty of taste and variety, along with healthier ingredients.

IT saves time! Let’s face it anyone with a small – or large - family can understand how difficult meal times are. Prepare ahead for the perfect way to gain more downtime for all concerned.

Variety is the spice of life, dieting or not everyone gets hungry – especially the kids, careful meal preparation enables you to produce something fresh and varied so as to avoid boredom and to encourage the family to eat real food and not rely on junk food that is both expensive and poor in nutritional value.

Meal Preparation and planning helps reduce wastage, and that is more economical and better for the environment i.e. saves you money and reduces waste.

Wobbly Cow meal preparation guide is aimed at helping to develop willpower, help folks eat better food that is healthier and more enjoyable – and lose the appetite for junk food.

Investing in one's own and the family’s health and well-being – we are what we eat, by creating interesting and tasty food that is sustaining and nutritious, whilst cutting down on overeating.

Reducing Stress, planning makes everything simpler, it determines what to buy, how to cook and present it, and gives a feeling of general satisfaction.

Shopping for Groceries and other produce is made easier with pre-planning. Write a list of ingredients, buy local and don’t be afraid to ask for advice. Buy what you need and resist the temptation to splurge, especially if you are on a diet.

Eating well is one of life's essentials, it supports healthy and energy, makes you look good amongst your peers, keeps the family healthy, and it allows for a touch of luxury without breaking the bank.

Wobbly Cow Westhoughton is our local restaurant specialising in mouth-watering Burritos and outstanding Ice Creams. Food is made fresh to order every day. Jordan and team are passionate about freshly prepared great tasting food at the best price.

If you would like any more information about Wobbly Cow, give them a call on 01942 792748

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