Fancy That, Bolton now have another costume shop in Leigh
28th May 2013
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Fancy That Fancy Dress is expanding, meaning a growing family, but what is the head of this family like? Her name is Kay Heywood, and all she has ever wanted since she was just a girl is to own a shop, and now she has two! Both Fancy That Bolton, located on Chorley Old Road, and Fancy That Leigh, located on Leigh Road, are proof that dreams can come true, and that Kay’s certainly has.

Kay came to own Fancy That Bolton as the shop was closed down, and had been for some time. Kay saw this as her opportunity to seize her dream and finally open up her own shop; she went to the shop owners home enquiring about a couch that was going on offer for her son, but by the end of the talk with the previous owner, she had ended up buying the stock and renting the shop. She never did get the couch.

Fancy That Leigh (formerly Willibobbs)was a different story; She went to look at the stock as the shop was closing down and ended up buying the shop !!!

Kay herself calls both Fancy That’s “one stop shops” as there will be nothing that we cannot help you with in the world of fancy dress.

The shops stock a massive range of costumes, accessories, hair colours and many other items from companies worldwide, as well as here at home in the UK. We believe it is important to have a wide range of items for our customers to try and enjoy. This is because here at Fancy That, customer service is our number one priority. We have had a lot of feedback from our customers, proven by the testimonials customers have left for us, that our customer service is one of a kind!

We are also available on Facebook; you just have to search “Fancy That Bolton” on the site, as well as on Twitter; just search “@fancythatbolton”. Another place that you can find us is through Best of Bolton, in which we won 2nd place for “Best Fancy Dress Shop” in the country, as they are a great source for all Bolton businesses. If you ever need to contact us, you can do it through any one of these sites, as well as through the good old-fashioned telephone.

We also have two websites to chose from is our Bolton based one and and has a wide range of items from all of our suppliers. The orders on here come directly to the shop. A lot of our customers use this as a catalogue and then pop in for what they want. Our other website is this is directly linked to our main supplier and is ideal for you if you need an item in a hurry. Also we can deliver to other countries on here.

So, as we are expanding our store, why don’t you pop in and see what we have to offer? You will be pleasantly surprised at the range that we have to offer; which you can now do in both Bolton and Leigh... Take your pick!


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