Fancy That, Bolton, can help you organise a fantastic fancy dress party
2nd August 2013
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No matter what the time of year, a fancy dress party is always lots of fun to organise and attend. You don’t just have to have one at Halloween or wear funny costumes for a hen or stag night, they really can be enjoyed all year round.

Fancy dress means you don’t have to worry about not looking formal enough for the occasion. With everyone in silly costumes every party guest is less self-aware. It’s a great conversation starter to ask someone why they choose a particular costume or where they got it from (though you should be buying it from Fancy That, obviously!)

If you are thinking of holding a fancy dress party send out the invitations early, to give people the chance to think of a costume idea and then go and buy it. Fancy That is open 6 days a week and has over 4,000 costumes to pick from, so even if all the people invited shop there, they’ll be very unlucky if they all pick the same one.

Pick the location of your fancy dress party carefully. If space is tight, having bulky costumes could cause chaos.

On a similar note, consider the age group of guests too. Younger generations will probably enjoy a pop music theme more than older people will. Keep the theme as simple but fun as possible, like an animal theme, historical figures or characters from books.

You could even plan your games around fancy dress. How about a competition for the best dressed or who can put on the most clothes in 60 seconds.

Children in particular love wearing fancy dress outfits. Little girls will adore a princess theme and boys are sure to find a sport theme appealing.


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