Enjoy a tasty Yorkshire pudding on British Yorkshire Pudding Day
30th January 2014
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I’m sure many of us love our roast dinners on a Sunday. And, in my humble opinion anyway, no roast dinner is complete without a Yorkshire pudding or three.

It isn't just me who loves Yorkshire puddings. The British public love their Yorkshire puddings so much, the first Sunday of every February ( the 2nd February this year) has been labeled British Yorkshire Pudding Day. It is now in its 6th year, having been first launched by Florence Sandeman of recipes4us as a tribute to Yorkshire puddings.

Yorkshire puddings are traditionally eaten with beef.

Barrons of Beef don’t sell Yorkshire puddings at the moment, however they do sell delicious roast beef,  so get down to Barrons of Beef and choose from a tasty range of beef, along with chicken, turkey, duck, lamb and goose. 

In times gone by Yorkshire puddings were made in a big tin rather than as separate puddings. They were usually eaten before the main course so people became full and ate less for their main meal. 

Yorkshire puddings are eaten with roast beef more than any other meat, but my family has them with every kind of meat, so why don’t you?

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