Did you know? Enhance Hair and Beauty offer all of the amazing SkinFirst treatments!
28th September 2015
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Delightfully professional in the care of their customers Enhance Hair and Beauty are leading the way again. The salon situated, in Westhoughton at 353 Park Road, offers amazing SkinFirst treatments that you will love.

Enhance Hair and Beauty of Bolton offers SkinFirst treatments. SkinFirst technology uses non-invasive state of the art technology for anti-aging, skin tightening, lifting and hair removal. Many people, wrongly, take their skin for granted, it is there and that is it! However, the skin is the largest organ that is part of the human body, unhealthy skin is unpleasant and possibly dangerous, whereas a healthy skin condition is so much more pleasant, safe and attractive. Feeling good and looking good is a fine way to boost one’s confidence.

The range of treatments includes:

  • Hair removal, easing the stress that may be caused by unwanted facial and body hair.
  • Facial treatments, improving the way that we are perceived by others, at the same time improving our self - confidence.
  • Body treatments, mitigating the effects of excess body fat to improve general health and self - image for those who desire it.
  • Acne treatment, for all age groups, using advanced light and heat based systems can target porphyrins to kill bacteria, and we also have peels, products and other solutions to ensure a healthy, vibrant skin.
  • Skin tightening, using Dual RF system combining bipolar and monopolar radio frequency is one of the most comfortable and advanced treatments on the market. SkinFirst are experts at radio frequency for skin tightening and lifting and have performed thousands of treatments over many years.
  • Pigmentation, sometimes called age spots or sun spots, pigmented areas on the skin can range from freckles to large areas of brown skin. These increase over the years as a result of continued sun exposure. Enhance can lift this colour safely on many skin types.
  • Thread veins, facial thread veins and rosacea can cause embarrassment to men and women and this is a common treatment that we perform regularly. Men in particular find it more difficult to hide the condition so are delighted with the results we can often provide.
  • Additional treatments, Enhance offer a range of additional treatments including derma roller for scarring, and peels for many conditions. Enhance Hair and Beauty of Bolton can give a comprehensive consultation to assess what is most suitable for your needs.

The staff of Enhance Hair and Beauty of Bolton are fully trained on the entire range of SkinFirst technology and treatments, and are proud of this fabulous service that they have to offer enhancing the ways in which they can provide the very best service to their valued clientele. Customers wishing to discuss the most suitable treatments for their specific needs and circumstances should call, they will find that they will be offered a warm welcome, and given personal attention and of course the best Hair and Beauty service available.

If you would like any more information about the treatments available, give Enhance Hair and Beauty a call on 01942 811

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