EI4Change is now accredited by the Institute of Recruiters
23rd May 2013
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Well done to Robin Hills, of EI 4 Change, has become one of the first emotional intelligence experts in the country to become accredited by the Institute of Recruiters.

They completed the accreditation process run by the Institute of Recruiters Accreditation Committee and an external assessor named Karin Dean. It is the only industry accreditation developed by the recruitment training industry. The IOR will ensure that Robin is part of the highest quality team, so delivers the best possible training of his CPD and qualifications.

Trainers like Robin will play a key role in nurturing and developing talent, so that all the content and knowledge needed by the industry professionals is continued for years to come. It will be underpinned by ethics and standards, so all trainers deliver the best practice to clients, have the correct qualifications and all boast the right expertise. This will transform the Institute of Recruiters standards.  

EI 4 Change work with clients to understand their emotional intelligence and as a result help improve their skills in the work place through workshops and coaching.  Contact Robin at EI 4 Change on 01204 684564 to find out more. 

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