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13th April 2015
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Because of the steady increase in accidents that have been caused by people taking illicit narcotics over recent years the Law in England and Wales (Scotland has its own legal system) has been changed to make it easier for the Police Service to deal with suspected drivers under the influence of drugs.

Since the Misuse of Drugs Act was enacted in 1973 it has been illegal to use, cultivate and supply drugs in this Country.

Driving under the influence of alcohol has been an offence for many years and the breathalyser has been the means of proving the presence of alcohol in a driver’s blood stream.

Since March 2nd this year the police have been able to use a similar device to catch and prosecute suspected abusers who are driving or in control of a car. The limit for the level of drugs in the drivers system is very low, so anyone who has been ‘using’ could be over the limit.

Points to note.

  • The Police do have drugalysers that can be used at the roadside.
  • Even small amounts of anything from Cannabis to Cocaine, plus several others, can be detected.
  • Drivers convicted of this offence face a fine of up to £5000, up to six months in jail, and a minimum six months driving ban.
  • This means a criminal conviction that will affect job prospects and will remain on the person’s record for a long time.
  • More importantly, it means that innocent people out and about are at risk from these dangerous individuals who put the lives of others at risk by their disgraceful behaviour.

Drug takers use a multitude of drugs including supposed ‘legal’ highs. It should be said that on the one hand such materials can be lethal, there is nothing legal about them, and the Police are able to; stop, search, and prosecute anyone who they suspect to be driving under the influence.

There is no such thing as a safe narcotic, all drugs are mind altering and behaviour changing compounds and as such, with the exception of prescription drugs – where one is advised about safe use of machines and driving, they should not be used when driving a car, or operating any machinery.

If you need any advice or guidance, pop into your local  Sykes Chemist branch and their team of friendly pharmacists will be able to help. 

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