Don't get caught out this winter - Prepare Your car
22nd November 2016
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If any of us know what the winter weather will hold for us, based upon previous experiences no doubt there will be some snow, ice, and rain, if recent experience is anything to go by maybe some flooding, although we hope not. 

Current predictions suggest that we are in for the coldest winter in fifty years! Motorists are well advised to take pro-active steps to ensure the fitness of their cars and working vehicles by taking sensible steps well in advance.

Mercedes-Benz & Smart of Bolton recommend that preparing for the worst whilst hoping for the best is very wise advice. Safety first.

Part of the strategy for safe motoring is to ensure that your vehicle is regularly serviced and is in good working order, all lights, fluid levels and gauges checked and fully serviceable.

Mercedes Benz of Bolton believe that there is nothing more important than making certain that their customers are safe on the roads and they recommend the fitting of Cold Weather Tyres on all Mercedes cars. Cold Weather Tyres are available in steel and alloy variations, and they are sold in sets of four for compatibility.

So, what are Cold Weather Tyres?

Cold Weather Tyres are uniquely designed to offer maximum safety in conditions of ice, hard packed snow, slush and similar extreme conditions. The tyres are scientifically engineered to provide greater traction, grip and better road holding by as much as 50%.

Past users have reported that they have felt more confident with them fitted because they feel generally safer during bad winter weather.

Because the Cold Weather tyres provide better grip on the road surface drivers experienced more responsive driver control, improved breaking distances, better cornering, and an overall feeling of greater control.

With Cold Weather Tyres fitted they enable driving through the colder months with a great deal more mobility and freedom of movement even in the most adverse weather conditions.

Cold Weather Tyres tend to have a longer tread life, as much as 20% better in wintery conditions, and are generally more cost effective in terms of durability, and reduced risk of accidents.

During winter time, Cold Weather Tyres alter the braking characteristics of any vehicle significantly more than summer time tyres. Breaking distances will be extended and greater care and roadcraft is required to remain safe.

Tyre pressures are important also, tyres must be inflated to the specified level to function correctly and the tread levels must always be maintained well within the legal limits for safe driving especially during the winter cold snap.

If you would like to find out any more information from Mercedes-Benz of Bolton, give them a call on 01204 545555


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