Don’t forget your flu vaccinations from Sykes Chemist!
1st August 2016
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It’s the time of year where we should be thinking about having our flu vaccinations, read on for more information.

A lot of people put off having flu vaccinations for a number of reasons, but it’s so important!

Did you know that a flu vaccination should be given to everyone over the age of 6 months? And especially for pregnant women and the elderly?

If you’re in need of a flu vaccination, speak to Sykes Chemist, they offer flu vaccinations in all of their branches for just a small cost.

Not only that, flu jabs are free for some eligible patients too. Anyone with asthma, diabetes, COPD, thyroid, chronic kidney or liver problems, autoimmune disease etc.

All of the Sykes Chemist branches offer flu vaccinations, and they can even visit your workplace to give flu vaccinations to all employees!

So, why not pop into your local Sykes Chemist branch for more information. 

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