Here's a tool to make sure you don't forget to book your car in for an MOT
13th August 2013
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David and I very nearly forgot to book our car in for an MOT recently. It was only when we looked into taxing our car online that we realised the MOT had expired by a couple of days. We quickly booked the car in for an MOT at Whitecroft Garage and everything is now sorted. But it made us realise how easy it is to overlook something as important as this.

I posted on twitter wouldn’t it be great to have a reminder service like you do with a tax disk and the response soon came back, yes you can actually be prompted to book your appointment.

You can use the MOT text reminder service from After following the instructions on the website, you’ll be sent a text 5 weeks, 2 weeks and finally the day before your MOT is due. There is a one off charge of £1.50 for this service.

Another way of receiving a reminder that your MOT is due is to use the free website Registering on the site only takes a matter of minutes, but when you do you’ll be sent a reminder email 2 weeks before. I’ve signed up now so there will be no excuse for ever missing an MOT again! The email reminder will come through every year, unless you change the date of your MOT or change cars. This service is free to use.

If you don’t keep your MOT up to date you risk getting a fine or points on your driving license.

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