Don’t be a Zombie when it comes to looking for work…
31st October 2012
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It’s a scary time of year, but even scarier can be the job seeking habits of those looking for work. So are you a zombie or a serious job hunter? Here are some common failing issues that divide the zombies from the job search survivors:

Lack of preparation

Employ a job search strategy. Decide and commit to when, where, which job boards to keep and eye on. Most jobseekers admit to spending, more time watch TV daily than job hunting – manage your time to maximum effect and stick to your timetable

Apply early!

The majority of new recruits will have replied to a job advertisement within the first week of it being published. Be quick off the mark – it shows you are on the ball and keen. Recruiters usually want to get the ball running quickly too.

Avoid typos and mistakes in your CV

It’s a job you want, the ad says they say want attention to detail and high standards and – oh dear – your spelling and grammar let you down. Re-read your application carefully before sending, better still, get a friend to read over it (especially your CV). It’s easily fixed and can make a world of difference

Bad attitude

Most employers are impressed by a good attitude. It can even secure you a position over a more experienced or qualified rival. Get some training, or some feedback and work on how you come across. You will feel more confident and perform better if you do…

Show what makes you unique

You are likely to be up against hundreds of candidates so you need to stand out. Be aware of your strengths and promote them in accordance with the job’s requirements. Employers don’t only buy skills, they buy solutions so show how you can help them thrive. Self promotion and personal branding will work well in the right sectors.

You can beat those winter blues by being an employment survivor, not a zombie this hallowe’en.

For any job search advice about where your strengths may lie, or in helping you prepare a professional CV, do contact us at Good People.  We can help!

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