Domino's Pizza, Bolton have a tasty corporate lunch menu, ideal for business dinners
8th July 2013
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Bored of boring corporate lunches with sandwiches and canapés. Sick of having the same old crisps and fed up of dull salads? Then why not take advantage of Domino’s pizza new corporate lunch menu.

Domino’s can cater for any size of event. For 25 people it is £3.25 a head and with that you get 8 pizzas and 8 garlic pizza bread or wedges which totals £81.25. There’s even better value as you increase the amount of people who are at the lunch. For 50 people it’s £3.00 a head and £150 altogether. The cost includes 15 pizzas and 15 garlic bread or wedges. If the lunch is for 75 people then it is £2.75 a head and £206.25 in total. For that you get 25 large pizzas to share and 25 garlic bread or wedges for everyone to enjoy. Finally the best value is for 100 people as it is only £2.50 a head. At only £250, you get 30 large pizzas and 30 wedges or garlic pizza breads.

There’s no need to worry if you want to add more people to it than you can do so for a small cost. If you want to add an extra 10 people it’s £2.50 a head and is with 2 additional pizzas and 3 garlic bread or potato wedges. If you would like an extra 5 people it is £2.57 a head and includes an extra large pizza and a couple more garlic pizza bread and wedges.

 At our in business in Bolton expo, Domino’s catered for over 200 people very efficiently.

Vegetarians will enjoy the lunch menu too. There’s the vegetable supreme and cheese and tomato pizzas, as well as the garlic pizza bread and potato wedges side. Even spicy palettes will like the menu too, with the hot and spicy pizzas. The other flavours available are meat feast, ham and pineapple and pepperoni passion. However if you would like to add any other pizzas and desserts you can do so at the regular menu price.

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