Domino's Bolton want you to complete their short survey
26th April 2013
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Domino’s Pizza have created a short survey to find out what their customers really want on their pizzas.

Domino’s decided to take anchovies off the menu in December, but since then they have had several people asking if they are coming back. So one of the questions in the survey is do you want anchovies back on the menu?

Pineapples are often a fruit that although popular with other types of food, isn’t a favourite choice for many people to have on their pizza. That’s why Domino’s are asking the question, do pineapples belong on pizza?

Domino’s already have lots of great stuffed crusts. But if you’ve got an idea for a stuffed crust, now’s your chance.

Finally, Domino’s are giving you the chance to say what your favourite topping is. Maybe you prefer the traditional cheese, spicy pepperoni or delicious ham. Whatever it is, let Domino’s know in the survey.

Please fill in the survey, it will help improve your pizza experience. The link to it is here.

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