Does having a qualification in the construction industry really help when seeking employment?
8th August 2014
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Does having a qualification in the construction industry really help you to find a job? 3B Training have the answer. 

Whatever industry you’re hoping to be employed in, it’s always an excellent idea to be suitably qualified in the area of the role you’re applying for. The construction industry has changed a lot and the rules and regulations around it have altered too. Some of the changes include globalisation, demand for sustainable growth and changes in demographics. Our country has a fantastic reputation for construction projects like architecture and developing advanced technologies.

The population of the UK has increased by 5 million people in only 12 years, making it the quickest growing country in Europe. Therefore the demand for skilled and flexible contractors has risen too. said that surveys conducted about training have been positive and showed more and more people with higher levels of qualifications in the sector.

But around 20% of jobs in the construction industry are difficult to fill, as businesses are unable to hire staff with the correct skills, experience or qualifications. By getting the right skills, personality traits, achievements and general understanding of the industry, job seekers are far more likely to find a job and be a success in their chosen career, which will ultimately benefit not only them, but their community the economy and their workforce.

In 2008, even with the economic crisis, the construction industry in the UK contributed significantly to the UK economy and is one of the biggest markets in the continent. You probably wouldn’t have realised how much the UK economy is benefited by construction. It builds, creates and maintains our offices we work in, our homes, our schools and our hospitals, all services that our vital to society.

You should always develop your career prospects as much as possible and utilise the training that is available to you. Having the knowledge, further education and training will all make you more employable to the construction industry. There are approximately 2.93 million construction vacancies advertised every year in the UK.

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