Do your bit for Anti Bullying Week 2013 in Bolton
4th November 2013
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Anti-Bullying Week takes place from 18th-22nd November so make sure you do your bit in Bolton to help those who are a victim or bullying, whether it be cyberbullying or even physical bullying. Helping reduce bullying can help someone who is a victim greatly, and may even save their life.

During anti-bullying week this year's theme is 'The future is ours. Safe, fun and connected.' There has been many themes over the years such as 'cyberbullying' and 'being different' but all the themes deal with the serious issue of bullying.

There are many different ways in which someone could be bullied, such as online, verbally or even physically, but it's not only the physical bullying that hurts, verbal bullying can be just as damaging. That's why we're asking you, the people of Bolton to do your bit and help raise awareness of bullying and even stop it!

There are so many ways in which you can get involved, why not organise your own workshop, stage a show at school or even just put some posters up and get involved in the anti-bullying policy at school, the internet is a wonderful thing too, why not make an anti-bullying video and upload it, you'll definitely get views on it and all will help raise awareness and will contribute greatly to this campaign.

Many victims don't speak out when their being bullied as they're too scared, so by doing your bit and challenging the bullies will benefit the victims and may give them the confidence to speak up.

You can visit the campaign website here, there's lots of different things that you can download, print out or even attend such as anti-bullying workshops and printable posters. There's also the Bully Free Zone in Bolton, why not speak to them to get involved, visit their website here.

Also, anti-bullying month takes place from November 4th-29th with the theme of 'creatively dealing with bullying using non-violence' so there will be a lot happening with this too.

We don't just want anti-bullying to last a week or a month, we want it to continue throughout, so don't just stop when this months over, carry it on and beat the bullies!

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