Do you suffer with aches and pains? Bolton Osteopathic Clinic can help!
21st September 2015
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Bolton Osteopathic Clinic; dedicated to effective, lasting pain relief and long term health.

Many people suffer due to injuries, both old and new, and accumulated strain and tension that affects quality of life and limits productiveness at work. There is no need to continue to suffer, Bolton Osteopathic Clinic is right in our midst and ready to help. For over fifteen years, their friendly team of Osteopaths have been welcoming people into the clinic and making them feel better. They are empathetic, and more importantly committed and professional in their approach to alleviating pain and suffering.

Osteopathy, is not just for the aching back, but is effective for the whole body, covering many other ailments. Bolton Osteopathic Clinic’s Osteopaths are all Registered with the General Osteopathic Council, fully insured and DBS checked. Many people from our community have already benefited by the attentions of the skilled and approachable Osteopaths at the clinic including sports people and working people who have developed pain following their exertions, plus many others who carry the effects of stressful lives. Often, the standard medical response to easily treatable conditions is to offer pain killers and rest. Whilst these treatments may work for some, more often, people are left to live with sometimes severe pain and discomfort, and some, almost long-term mobility impairment. There is no need to suffer, contact Bolton Osteopathic Clinic to see how they may be able to help.

Treatment modalities range from massage, where muscular tissue is injured or deep tissue is damaged, mobilisation to improve joint mobility and manipulation which triggers almost instantaneous local muscle relaxation along with increased blood flow.

Bolton Osteopathic Clinic operates offers a wide range of treatments to help back, neck and joint pain, sports injuries, postural imbalance, work related injury, road traffic accidents and many more.

The expert Osteopaths at Bolton Osteopathic Clinic will diagnose problems in the joints and soft tissues of the body, and then will carry out a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan for each patient to deal with the specific problem. There is no “one size fits all” approach, but every patient gets a tailored programme of care.
Exercise may also be recommended to increase general fitness or to strengthen muscles that support the relevant, injured area.

Bolton Osteopathic Clinic offers help to people who suffer pain and discomfort. Male and female practitioners available.

If you would like any more information give Bolton Osteopathic Clinic a call on 01204 361463

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