Do you need to clean solar panels?
8th August 2013
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Power Washing North West are one of Bolton’s best cleaning companies, although it doesn’t just Bolton, it can take its specialist services almost anywhere.

One of their expert services is solar panel cleaning. Power Washing North West, part of the Walkden Group, only use the latest technology to clean solar panels. They use 100% pure water and an ionic telescope. This means the cleaning equipment isn’t dangerous for the solar panels and they are left in a pristine condition. No chemicals are needed when using this equipment, and the reach and wash poles ensures the whole job is done in a speedy manner.

Power Washing North West will clean office solar panels, domestic solar panels and any other type of building where there are solar panels. Remember to think about how accessible the panels are though. Will Power Washing North West need scaffolding or other devices to reach them?

Solar panels should be cleaned on a regular basis, because they operate 55% more effectively when they’re not dirty.

They don’t just do solar panel cleaning obviously. They have a decontamination service, sanitation service, construction cleaning, industrial cleaning, residential cleaning, graffiti removal, chewing gum removal and much more.  

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