Do You Have Video Footage, Images,Memories or Documents Stored on Standard CD's or DVD's? If So READ THIS
17th April 2012
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Is your video Footage and Important Data Safe on a DVD or CD?

The latest industry research says NO

At Apple Video facilities, their team of video experts are on a mission to highlight the possible dangers of storing your precious memories and important documents on standard DVD’s and CD’s.

When the first writable recordable discs started to arrive on the scene in around 1999, they seemed the perfect way to record any video or audio you wanted to retail: a brilliant, new, space saving tool, allowing those priceless video memories to be stored, picture perfect, digital and everlasting

At least that’s what we all thought at the time……

Ten years on and some rather disturbing facts are emerging about the life expectancy of the discs. The latest research concludes that ALL standard consumer writable DVD’s and CD’s do in fact have a life span and in the worst case scenario, some cheaper discs may only last for 2 to 5 years. The industry has now been thrown into turmoil over these rather startling revelations.

What Causes the Problem

Some of the disc layers contain and organic dye which over time will deteriorate, rendering the disc unplayable. Apple video have software that can recover some if not all the data from damaged DVD’s and CDs but there is nothing that can be done when ‘disc rot’ occurs.

So what’s The Answer?

GOLD ARCHIVE discs have now arrived, which, as the name suggests, actually utilise REAL GOLD as part of the dye. Gold Archive discs have a considerably superior life expectancy of around 100 years provided you store them properly in a vertical rested case and protected from dust and dampness.

What Can I Do Now?

Whether it is your precious camcorder memories or important documents and videos at work, the solution in the same. TRANSFER YOUR DVD’S AND CD’S TO GOLD ARCHIVE DISCS IMMEDIATELY.

Apple Video can do the transfers for you, just bring the original disc to them and they will professionally transfer the content to Gold Archive Disc. Alternatively if you are confident enough to do it yourself, APPLE VIDEO will supply the discs and the cases for you.

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