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11th December 2014
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Star Turn Tuition tell us how by doing one thing per day with our children, this can have a massive impact on them and there are lots of ways we can engage our children without them even knowing they are 'working' and if you are planning for 11+ exams then these skills are invaluable.

  • Cooking and Baking - A fantastic exercise as most children (even boys love baking) and its so topical just now with programmes such as The Great British Bake Off etc being really popular with all ages. Baking encourages weighing, measuring, reading and interpreting recipes and much more and is lovely shared time with a pleasant outcome.
  • Use the home for mathematical inspiration - Collect containers so your child can measure and see what volumes of liquid actually looks like. How about gardening, weighing compost, liquid in a watering can. This not only helps with maths but is excellent for vocabulary too.
  • Play board games and do jigsaws together - This is a lovely thing to do as a family, looking at shapes, positions, playing with lego helps visualise 3D shapes. Word games like scrabble, monopoly etc are brilliant for increasing new vocabulary but also problem solving, game strategy, thinking ahead and more.
  • Shopping at the supermarket - Working out price, cost, value. How much change, budgeting. Is it cheaper to buy two smaller packs rather than alarge economy pack etc.
  • Handling money - Handling money is a really great skill for growing up and taking responsiblity for their own lives. Understanding coin values, how money transactions work and calculating change etc all have a massive impact on mental maths abilty and problem solving.

So there are just a few tips from Star Turn Tuition on getting your children thinking and working without them even knowing they are and if you are heading towards an 11+ exam then there is so much you can do with your child to prepare them in a very non pressured way.

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