Digicomm BCS Gain Oak Accreditation For Outstanding and Innovative Telecom Solutions
12th January 2011
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Digicomm BCS, providers of business telecommunications systems and a best of Bolton member, have been awarded accredited partner status with Oak Telecom.

To further strengthen their long standing relationship with Oak Telecom, market leaders in call logging and call recording, Digicomm have recently been awarded accredited partner status to recognise the implementation of their innovative voice recording solutions.

Due to the complex and evolving nature of the Oak products Digicomm engineers had to undergo a stringent and comprehensive training program which now enables them to provide quality business-specific solutions that fully explore the potential that the Oak range of products has to offer.

Whilst most businesses recognise the importance of monitoring the performance of customer facing staff, recent legislation has also meant that some companies are required by law to record incoming and outgoing calls. The Oak ‘Comms Suite’ efficiently records and reports on all aspects of business communication via specialist software which produces immediate and impressive results :

 Reduced Costs

 See an immediate reduction of up to 15%

 Increased Sales

Increased levels of telesales activity driving new sales

 Dispute resolution

Find calls quickly and email an extract of the call to your client to    confirm contract details


For many organisations it is necessary to show that FSA rules have  been followed

Quality Measurement

Review calls to ensure that all clients have been dealt with  professionally at all times

Managing Director of Digicomm, Mark Pollitt, offered ‘The oak solutions that Digicomm supply absolutely bowl our customers over, we are proud to accept the accredited partner status which marks our success in this area.’      

At the best the Bolton we champion and showcase only the best business in town and love it when our members gain recognition for their hard work, experience and effort in delivering exceptional customer service. Well done to Digicomm BCS!


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