Digicomm BCS Bolton Tells Us How We Can Avoid A Loss Of Business Productivity During The Winter Weather
14th December 2010
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With one lot of bad weather behind us and another forecast looming of more icy and possibily snowy weather, Digicomm BCS know that they are well prepared for this sort of eventuality and would love to talk to you about your business and making sure that the weather doesn't affect your productivity. Heres what they had to say

Business as Usual ?

Why is it that we never once give snow a second thought until it descends on us and makes the shortest journey a nightmare of stress and frustration. What gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands occurs when we realise that we won’t actually be going into the office today:

 I wonder if anyone will make it in? Where will all the calls go when the night service comes off and the phones are just ringing out? (Your competition probably). I wonder if my new big account will give me an extension and be lenient of the fact that they will not be receiving the quote I had saved to my desktop and promised to get to them today. How will I check that the signed order I was promised has been faxed through? Pity it won’t get actioned until I can get back in. Shame that I will have to cancel the conference call at 10am – it would have been really productive and one of the parties is on leave for two weeks after today.  

Thank heaven that’s somebody else’s nightmare. 

Whatever the weather conditions it’s business as usual for Digicomm. When anything prevents a member of the team from making it into the office, the only clue is that the level of background noise is slightly reduced and the level of coffee in the jar doesn’t go down quite as quickly. Handsets linked directly to the telephone system using Voice Over IP (VoiP) technology means that calls can be handled in exactly the same way as in the office – calls transferred and conferences arranged . Remote desktop working gives access to all personal files and documents and smart applications like fax to email means full visibility of all communications received.  

And if the worst happens - all the frozen pipes burst and the office absence is prolonged no matter: all data is backed up off-site and all calls temporarily diverted at the touch of a button.

To beat the winter office blues please contact Digicomm on 0800 083 8986.  

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