Digicomm BCS Bolton continue to grow as they work with marketing assistant Yeruult Sukhbaatar
7th June 2011
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Digicomm BCS are an award telecommunications company based in Bolton and are soon to celebrate ten years in business. Digicomm BCS continue to grow and thrive and have recently engaged the services of a marketing specialist to help grow and develop their business further.

Yeruult Sukhbaatar has recently begun to work with Digicomm and was keen to introduce himself, his expertise and why he is really looking forward to working with Digicomm BCS

My name is Yeruult Sukhbaatar, but from my early childhood my friends and family used to call me Yogi based on cartoon character Yogi Bear

In summer 2010, I  graduated from high school (British International School in Moscow) and was accepted into Lancaster University, my first choice. My parents cried tears of joy when they found out I had been accepted at the university. At least that is what my little sisters told to me and they were quite shocked seeing my father for the first time with the tears in his eyes. 

The day when I came for Interview was the day I chose to work for Digicomm. When first stepped into Digicomm BCS’s building, everyone was so nice to me and friendly. They were wishing me luck, advising me not to be nervous, it was one of the most impressive moments of my life, because these people didn’t know me at all, but still helping me. And I understood that is the environment I should work in and those people will play an important role in my future life.

We live in a digital age where the global demand for communications is growing rapidly day-by-day. As many companies become more diversified, they will require business tools that are reliable to communicate inside and outside of the company. Therefore, business telecommunications companies such as Digicomm BCS play one of the most important roles to supply these needs. The future can’t be made without telecommunications; therefore I wanted to build future in the team of Digicomm BCS. It’s one of the “greenest” companies, which shows that it cares about its environment. It works together with the UK’s largest youth club “Bolton Lads and Girls Club”, hence showing that it cares about young people’s future: tomorrow’s prime ministers, bus drivers, businessmen and doctors etc. In my opinion it is one of the most ethical business organizations in the World. As well Digicomm BCS is one of the fastest growing companies, who doesn’t want to work in a blossoming company?

The telecommunications market is one of the fastest growing markets not only in United Kingdom, but also in all other countries. In 2014, it is forecasted that UK telecommunications market will have a volume of 125.5 million subscribers from 114.6 million subscribers in 2009. Which shows that eventually in the future numerous people will work in this sector. By working in Digicomm I will gain more experience about Marketing in Telecommunications Company, will know more about telecommunications market, about B2B industry and how it operates. Plus I get paid, which will teach about the value of money. These, experiences will be my elevator to the top of the world.

thebestof bolton are really looking forward to working alongside Yogi in his role within Digicomm BCS and wish him every success with the company. 

If you would like to know more about Digicomm BCS and how it works with YOU to stay in touch with your customers no matter what the circumstances, contact them on 0370 444 6540 or visit them on thebestof bolton Digicomm BCS

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