Did you know? Sun Awareness Week is happening in May?!
5th May 2015
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Many of us feel a thrill when the sun shines down upon us after months of low light conditions through autumn and winter as the daylight grows steadily longer and the spring begins. Children can play outside longer, school playtimes can be held outdoors. Adults may spend more time outside too as they repair their gardens, plant new plants and pull their gardens back into shape after the ravages of the winter.

Sportsmen who will spend more time in the open jogging, playing cricket etc., and construction workers and others who work in the sun frequently should get out of the habit of stripping clothing, or hats, off whilst they work, or play. Wear a cap, wear a‘t’ shirt, cover up – or wear sunscreen, there is nothing macho about melanoma. And, all of us tend to take the sunshine for granted.

The Sun has power to make things grow, and that includes healthy people, but it also has power to cause life threatening illness. Sun awareness Week is not about frightening people, it is about making people aware that the sun has the potential to do harm unless we take it seriously.

Too little sunlight can cause Vitamin D shortage and that in turn can lead to serious illness. Too much sunlight has hazards too. Sun damage to skin can be serious, even lethal.

So what is the answer? All things in moderation, in part. Sensible exposure to sun, the use of correct factor sunscreen – especially on children. Not exposing skin to direct sunlight during the highest stage of the suns travel i.e. mid-day.

Wear a hat, gardeners and golfers this means you too, we allow ourselves to get carried away whilst enjoying ourselves but that is when we should take most care.

For sensible advice speak to Sykes Chemist all their pharmacists are fully  trained and very competent, it is amazing how much they know about staying healthy. The Pharmacists will advise on Sun Screen Factors for all ages.

Are you travelling abroad on holiday? Sun conditions in many parts of the world vary from what we are used to, check it out first. Why not speak to Travel Counsellors - Tina Tomlinson , she will be able to advise on sun conditions and then go to Sykes Chemist and ask for the safest product for you and your family.

Finally, if you or any of your family have any skin conditions that you think may be the result of sun damage, please, speak to Sykes Chemist, or your family Doctor.

Enjoy the sunny months whilst they last, but please do so safely.

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