Did you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?
27th September 2013
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Wear It Pink Day is on the 25th October, a day which encourages men and women to wear pink to help raise awareness of the Breast Cancer Campaign. You don’t just have to wear pink though, you could paint a building pink, paint your face pink, anything to let people know and raise funds. Last year £2.1 million pounds was raised. October is also breast cancer awareness month with lots of events and research (“pink science”) happening.

Pink science is where research looks at different ways of curing cancer. Every penny raised from fundraising events for the Breast Cancer Campaign goes towards this vital research, and there have been a great deal of positive changes from the studies undertaken. One scientist’s research led to a method of preventing cancer cells from spreading through other parts of the body.

Women over 50 are the most at risk of breast cancer but it can strike anybody (including men) at any age.

It isn’t just the person diagnosed with cancer who is affected by the diagnosis, their family are too. It’s an emotional time for everyone and the Breast Cancer Campaign will show them how best to help someone who is receiving treatment.

Get involved with the month in any way you can. Find out more information on breast cancer care and treatment by visiting this website http://www.breastcancercare.org.uk

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