Did you know? May is photo month!
7th May 2015
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This is an outstanding time of year when the sky is high and the light is perfect, and hopefully we can all enjoy fine times outdoors taking photographs of our family and other events.

However, it is also the time for weddings, christenings and many other highly personal and special events. Time to record those events for posterity. Those special happenings deserve special treatment, the beginning or continuation of the family album, photos for the mantel piece, and photos for family far and wide.

Whilst digital photographs have entered our modern lives, there is still a place for the well taken traditional photograph. Some of us are excellent photographers, some not so, and whilst it is nice to collect impromptu snaps of family and friends spontaneously as they happen it is also wonderful to have a ‘picture perfect’ record of our loved ones and those special times in our lives.

At thebestof Bolton, we have two photographers who are specialists at recording those precious moments. The wedding group, newly arrived children and formal arrangements of the family as it grows, relatives and friends captured for ever in a nice perfectly composed photograph – no trees growing out of ones mother in laws head...  The Christening photographs in crystal clarity encapsulating the tiny new life at its most charming, ask any professional photographer, it can take a lot of time, patience and great skill to catch baby smiling. The family group, carefully assembled and caught for life, and life is what good photographers do, they capture life – not lifeless or bizarre images. And, as the family group grows and develops so can the family album with up dated additions. There are so many moments to record and save; graduation, promotions, appointments, engagements, school and team associated happenings.

A properly taken photograph will stand the test of time. The composition of the picture is no accident, who stands, or sits, where, the character of the subject is taken into account too. Professional Photographers will assess the light conditions, ensuring that the result is not over or underexposed, that there are not ‘light bursts’ showing or deep shadows beneath the eyes. Having taken a collection of shots the Professional Photographer will produce an array of samples for you to choose from, and will then treat the photograph to make certain that it is fit for your purpose. A picture can speak a thousand words, for good or ill, don’t let your picture say the wrong things about you. Make the effort, get it ‘picture perfect’ with the services of a Professional Photographer for your perfect event, a record that will live on into the future, a picture that says you got it right.

Julie Lomax has years of experience in photography, she loves capturing those precious moments of your wedding day. Julie specialises in commercial and portrait photography.

Ania Pankiewicz-Tonge  specialises in high end, magazine quality photography. She is a wonderful choice for your wedding and family photography too!

So, if you have a wedding coming up, or if you need some professional shots of yourself, give Julie a call on 01204 689633 or give Ania a call on 01204 391617

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