Did you know? July is Independent Retailer Month
24th June 2015
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Independent retailers are the lifeblood of any communities, they bring much needed variety, spontaneity and vital competition to our High Streets. Here in Bolton we are blessed with many excellent businesses without which we should all be the poorer.

What would our shopping centre be like if we only had national chains? Already shopping streets throughout the Country have a similar appearance. 

Nationally, and of course right here in Bolton, we are Celebrating the diversity that Independent Retailers bring into our lives locally and in the town centre adding brightness, choice and variety, plus independent dynamism to the town. Long may they last.

The intention is to create:                                                                                         

Impact! The independent retail sector with fun activities and events that                                              
Connect! Consumers and communities with local businesses and                                            
Engage! Their interest in and understanding of the benefits of shopping with local, independent brands.

Impact. To create an awareness amongst the people of Bolton making them aware of how important Independent Retailers are. Importantly this is also to create an awareness in the retailers of just how much they are needed by the town and its economy, Independent businesses are truly the lifeblood of our town. There will be fun activities to entertain everyone so keep a check on the local press for details.

Connect. Bringing the townsfolk together in support of the retailers and encouraging the retailers to respond. Making us aware that there is an independent alternative close by.

Engage. To develop people’s awareness that Independent Retailers often have better products, locally sourced, at more competitive prices. Many people head to the national chains in the belief that they are cheaper, but in reality they are limited by national marketing strategies, which by its nature often means that there is no local influence.

Money spent with local Bolton firms stays in Bolton, whereas money spent in national firms goes elsewhere. Local, Independent Retailers employ a lot of local, people too.

Looking about the shopping streets of Bolton the evidence is here to be seen, we have excellent, talented and vibrant Independent Retailers offering a vast range of produce from locally sourced food shops offering excellent quality meat, milk, cheeses and vegetables.

We have florists, stationers, jewelers, there are too many to list them all sadly. Next time you walk along your local shopping streets just take a fresh look at the rich diversity of retailers, take a closer look, they are owned and run by locals, and they will be delighted to offer you personal service, advice, and friendship, they will often take the time for a chat too because when you are an independent trader customer service is everything.

Please join in the fun, Independent Retailers and shoppers alike, the Independent Retailers Month starts Saturday 4th July – Independent Retailers Day – when, headed up by the Bolton News, people will be handing out hessian bags carrying the Independent Retailers Month logo to shoppers as part of the Celebration.

It is important to celebrate what we have and to support our local shops, because they are the Best of Bolton.

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