Darren Armstrong Founder and Director of Bolton Charity Be Strong Would Love Your Support
28th June 2011
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I would like to introduce to you a Bolton Charity 'Be Strong'. This charity is 'headed' up by Darren Armstrong who is commited to empowering others to bring change into their lives. Below Darren explains a little about his project and the people it supports. If you are a business in Bolton and would like to support the project as it is totally unfunded, Darren would love to hear from you.

"Be Strong is a unique and highly innovative rehabilitation programme situated in Bolton, Lancashire. It targets several groups of lost people in our society: prolific priority offenders, ex-offenders and drug /alcohol clients of both genders, who may be experiencing low self-confidence or self esteem and may be susceptible to falling into previous patterns of drug use and criminal activity.

Offenders and drug addicts often feel excluded from society in general and their community in particular. This often encourages them to seek support from other drug users and results in continued drug usage and associated criminality. 

The Be Strong project’s social mission is to provide a support network which will empower individuals within their local communities to take active control of their lives and to become valuable members of society by preparing them for life changing opportunities. Its key objectives include: 

  • Improving the mental and physical health of released prisoners 
  • Reducing re-offending, currently two thirds of released prisoners re offend 
  • Reducing the number of incidents of domestic violence and family breakdowns 
  • Increasing employment, voluntary and training opportunities 

 I am very keen to treat my Be Strong lads to a day out for all their hard work whilst they have been on the project. I Believe that small rewards such as cinema visits would give them more confidence to socialise without the use of drugs or alcohol and it would help to build a strong team spirit within the group that we are currently working with.  

The lads that are on the project at the moment are on benefits and are unable to afford to attend any social events and Be Strong is totally unfunded and for help in anyway we would be truely grateful."

For more details of the project contact

Darren Armstrong ~ Director & Founder of Be Strong

t: 07860 535 957

w: www.be-strong.org.uk

e: darren@be-strong.org.uk


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