Curry Facts From Cinnamon Indian Restaurant
11th December 2014
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We are a nation of curry lovers, the curry has really become part of our everyday life but here are a few facts from Cinnamon Fusion Indian Cuisine  that you perhaps didnt know.

  1. The word curry comes from a Tamil word Kari or Karil meaning spices or sauteed vegetables.
  2. There are more curry houses in London than there are in Mumbai.
  3. The first curry house was opened in England in 1810
  4. There are about 10,000 Indian Restaurants serving curry in the UK and the vast majority of the owners are from Bangladesh not India
  5. The first curry recipe appeared in England in 1747 in a cookery book called Hanna Glasse's Art Of Cookery

So there we go, lots of facts about curry and if you are a curry lover, Cinnamon would love to welcome you to sample their lovely range.

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