Crompton Way Motors Massively Support Key 103 Mission Christmas
9th December 2014
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Christmas is a fantastic time for giving and this mantra has been celebrated at Crompton Way Motors with a massive collection of toys and gifts being donated to the Key 103 Mission Christmas Appeal.

For the last few weeks, there has been more of a toy shop feel at Crompton Way Motors rather than the usual Car Sales. Crompton Way Motors have been supporting the Key 103 Mission Christmas Appeal where local people can donate toys to families who are really struggling financially this Christmas.

Crompton Way Motors supported this cause for the first time last year and were really pleased with the support but Lorraine Richards told me that this year they have been so overwhelmed with the support and generosity that they have been flooded with toys and gifts, so much so they had to move them from the waiting area to another room as there was no room for customers.

Crompton Way Motors have made it so easy to donate this year by staying open on several late nights to enable those who may be working to still be able to drop gifts in and this seems to have added to the success of the campaign and as a result they have doubled the number of donated gifts this year in fact they have just been collected from Jigsaw who stated this is his largest collection to date.

Crompton Way Motors said that various suppliers have donated presents along with parents from their son’s school Hollymount RC School Greenmount they have also had a great response from customers past and present who have purchased cars from us.

We say well done to a lovely company who has really got into the festive spirit and the true meaning of giving at Christmas.

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