Creating The Perfect Bedroom With Phase Two Bedrooms
17th December 2014
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Did you know we spend one third of our lifetime in bed so its important to make sure that your bedroom is your sanctuary and perfect place. Phase Two Bedrooms are experts in this field and here are a few ideas to get you thinking.

  1. Bedding- This can be quite an expense but you want absolute comfort as you are in there every single night. Choose carefully so you have enough warmth without being too hot or too cold. Layers work well rather than one big heavy duvet.
  2. Bedside tables- we all need somewhere to put our 'stuff' a bottle of water, clock, nic nacs so the bedside table is an essential part of our karma, dropping things on the floor simply doesn't have the right feel.
  3. Lighting- creating the right lighting will really aide restful sleep. If you don't have dimmers then use lamps so you can move from a main light to more ambient lighting as you get more sleepy.
  4. Storage- Clear away the clutter, make sure you have enough storage in your room to store everything such as hanging space, drawers, baskets, shelves and more. A fully designed fitted bedroom from Phase Two can really help here as it can be fully bespoke to your own personal requirements.
  5. Decor- Choose decor that is soft and neutral, nothing too loud or garish.
  6. Window Coverings- You need to be able to eliminate light enough to get a good nights rest but to also let in enough light to make sure its a good day time space. Equally if your room gets a lot of sun, you want something you can use to block this out should you require. 
  7. Flooring- make the flooring suit you, whether that's a wood laminate with rugs or a lovely plush carpet, make sure that the flooring is right for the look you're trying to achieve.

So there we have it, great tips from Phase Two Bedrooms for creating that perfect sleepy space.

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