Cracking Parking Changes to Bolton Town Centre?
3rd April 2013
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For those of us who work in or around the town centre, parking is an important issue. This is why it’s great that Bolton Council has introduced or will introduce some great initiatives to help encourage more people to visit Bolton Town Centre.

The cost of on street parking has been frozen at the same price for 18 months now. That is, 60p for half an hour and 90p for an hour if you park in the outer band, and £1 for half an hour and £1.50 for half an hour if you park in the inner band.

Another unconfirmed suggestion is free parking at the multi storey car park on a Saturday or on weekdays after 3pm. This could start as early as this month. It is similar to what happened between November 15 and January 27 when free parking was offered after 3pm Monday to Friday, and was free Saturday and Sunday at the multi-story car parks at the Octagon, Topp Way, Deane Road and Bow Street. It was free all day on Boxing Day and Christmas Eve, so shoppers could pick up last minute bargains and take advantage of the Boxing Day Sales. That’s over 2,500 spaces to choose from.

Bolton Council set aside approximately £500,000 of its budget to pay for the scheme, which could last all year. It will encourage shoppers to stay in Bolton Town Centre, rather then going elsewhere, boost the economy and support local businesses, such as The Chinese Buffet, Aults and Campcraft.

Let’s hope that these plans are put into action soon. 

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